Fixers in the United Kingdom

We provide fixers for all types of production support needed in the UK. Our fixers assist with everything from journalistic tasks to book crew and solving logistical challenges. They are your experts on everything you need to know about filming in the UK, and your boots-on-the-ground here, getting things done. 

Fixers help with:
Local regulations and culture
Research: suggesting stories, making contacts
Book crew & locations
• Interviews
• Driving / transportation
Client and vendor relations
Filing permits & paperwork
Scouting & booking locations
Logistical support / coordinating
Meet and greets

Fixers work on:
TV shows
Digital / social content
• Corporate videos
Commercials / sponsored content
Scenic b-roll: landscape and urban
Feature films
Photo shoots
Live events

At Swixer, we’re happy to manage full video production from concept to delivery as well as production support however it’s needed and believe that every production requires a unique set of services, tools and people to succeed. Over the years we’ve built up our network and handpicked the best crew that the United Kingdom has to offer. We work with all manner of productions no matter how simple or complex.


Looking for something elses? Here’s a sample of other crew members and production services that we can help out with.


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