Locations in the United Kingdom

The UK offers endless opportunities to create both large and small film projects. For example, you will find the countryside with its beautiful coastline, rolling meadows and magnificent castles as well as charming villages with old houses and ornate gardens. The United Kingdom’s also offers cities such as Oxford and Cambridge where the major universities are a well-known place to film.

Are you perhaps looking for more pulse and people’s life? Then you should look towards London, Birmingham or maybe Manchester, which has been the place for countless film recordings. These cities offer both an urban vibe, trendy cafes and restaurants as well as fantastic parks.

For both small and large shoots all over the UK we provide:

  • Producers, Production Managers and Fixers
  • Assistants and Drivers
  • Sound Operators and Gaffers
  • DoPs
  • Costume/Stylists and Make Up Artists
  • Set Designers
  • Locations Scouts and Location Managers
  • Talents and Casting
  • Permits and logistic help 


The UK has a culture of co-operation with film-friendly policies to ensure your productions go as smoothly as possible. Regarding permits and regulations we’d love to help you with your pro sort things out. 

The UK’s creative tax reliefs are recognized as being the most transparent and inclusive in the world, with payable cash rebates of up to 25% on qualifying UK expenditure.

To get an idea of what UK locations can look like, have a look here.


Looking for something elses? Here’s a sample of other crew members and production services that we can help out with.


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